About The Author

My name is Srikanth Ramanujam, and I am a change agent thriving in complexity and chaotic systems.

I love challenging, questioning and ultimately helping you change your thinking. I excel in coaching people in organizations, working to establish and sustain the necessary systemic behaviour changes that will help you create the necessary conditions for success in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and uncertain (VUCA) marketplace.

Your business should not be a constant battle for everyday survival with reactive execution. I will teach you to build practices for proactive resilience and the ability to “turn on a dime”, course correcting whenever you need to. Essentially, I give you the ability to master time, and use it to your advantage.

I teach companies how to –

  • Build an ability to dance with complexity – We work to cocreate and evolve your mission, strategy, business model and overall processes. Using complex facilitation techniques to derive strategy and innovation that identifies the needles in the haystack.
  • Become masters of flow – I teach strategies to deliver and course correct quickly on product ideas, and how to implement customer-focused problem solving using adaptive products/services. We can identify product strategy and ability to enable your product “teams of teams” to continuously improve themselves (process, tools, technologies, design) with ardent simplification. This removes addressable complexity, and leaves you to contend with just the real world complexity (marketplace, customer needs).
  • Understand and implement techniques from the neuroscience of change – I implement the required backstage leadership orchestration to enable “teams of teams” through keystone habits and behaviours to create movements of “people like me”

Adopting such systemic change should be the last change an organization ever needs. If done effectively, you get the magical power of a self-evolving, continuously improving beast. This creates customer outcomes, that create in them memorable experiences, feelings and emotions for the problems that you help them solve. This then builds your competitive advantage and resilience in the new world.

Adopting such systemic change should be the last change an organization ever needs

This does requires applying various thinking principles, simple rules and habit-forming rituals in applying Complex Adaptive Systems Thinking, Systems Thinking, Product Thinking, Lean Thinking, Design Thinking among others to Organizational design. It also necessitates use of 1000’s of applied practices including Product Management, Product development, Scrum, Agile, DevOps, Kanban, Cynefin, Sense maker and other tools and techniques in concert. This enables your human systems at scale for rapid continuous change – building a culture of learning, innovation, experimentation and emergence, and providing you with the options and choices to create the possibilities you envision.

Organizational agility, change, culture, resilience are all outcomes. These might happen if you are extremely adaptable. You can become as adaptable as you can possibly be, if you have the necessary appetite and are willing to put in the hard work to find the systemic answers. Do you want your business to “turn on a dime”?